Information for parents regarding the usage of photos and videos in day-care centers of Kinderhaus e.V.

Dear parents,

As holders of the rights of custody for your children, it is primarily your obligation to guard their personal rights. During your children’s stay in a day-care center, the duty to exercise custodial care is assumed by the day-care center, as is contractually agreed. I.e., the educational staff has to take care that the personal rights of your children are not infringed.

For this reason, we would like to inform you how Kinderhaus e.V. ensures proper custodial care:

The educational staff does not take photos and videos of children, if this would infringe a child’s privacy sphere. Creation of such footage is strictly prohibited in our day-care centers.

Photos documenting the activities of your children will remain in the day-care center.

Such photos may, for example,

  • Be inserted into your children’s Portfolios

  • Support interactive learning stories, which our staff writes for your child

  • Document your child’s participation in different projects in the day-care center

  • Be part of exhibitions on the premises of day-care centers to provide a more vivid insight into our educational work

  • Also be shown during parents‘ evenings if the staff chooses to do so.

To conclude, Photos and Videos are only being saved for the above mentioned purposes and do not leave the day-care center.

If educational staff wants to publish photos and videos outside the day-care center, they have to obtain a written consent for this from the parents. If both parents hold the right of custody for a child, both have to consent to the publication in writing.

During work hours, volunteers (as part of the German voluntary social work year) and pupil interns are forbidden from using private mobile phones or smart phones.

For the benefit of your children, we also ask you as parents to refrain from using mobile phones, smart phones or cameras while you are on the day-care centers premises. This includes celebrations and other festivities in the day-care center.

Should you nonetheless wish to take photos on which other children can be identified, we kindly inform you that these must not be published.

At the beginning of each new period, every day-care center’s head of educational staff informs the parents about the usage of the above mentioned media. Furthermore, every member of the educational staff (including volunteers and interns) is instructed in these rules.